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Trips & Activities

Trips & Activities

When students choose to study with INTESOL Nicaragua, they are choosing to visit one of the most diverse and adventure-filled countries in Central America. Our students have the opportunity to explore Nicaragua through the wide variety of trips and excursions organised by the INTESOL team.

Day Trips

All of these activities are close to Granada and we can arrange them for you during your stay allowing you to experience the best of your surroundings.


A chance to explore the jungle canopies of Nicaragua whilst swinging past monkeys and macaws.

This trip is a half-day trip from Granada which can be organised on Saturdays or Sundays during your stay. The trip includes transportation from your accommodation and the canopy/zip-lining tour with equipment, safety instructions and guides.

If you’re lucky, you may even spot a Hoffman’s two-toed sloth or the national bird of Nicaragua, the Motmot.



Kayaking or Paddle-boarding the Isletas

This half-day trip to Lake Nicaragua allows you to explore the 365 small islands which make up Nicaragua’s famous ‘Las Isletas’. Just a short drive from Granada, the trip includes transportation to and from the lake, equipment and a knowledgeable local guide.

During this trip, you will have the chance to learn about life on the islands for local Nicaraguans, visit ‘monkey island’ and eat mangoes straight from the trees.


Visit Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho volcano is located just outside of Granada. It is not an extinct volcano but hasn’t erupted in over 400 years.

Our trip to Mombacho includes transportation to the National Park, entrance fees and an English-speaking guide. During this trip you will reach altitudes of more than 1,300 metres whilst exploring the cloud and dwarf forests containing flora and fauna only found on this particular volcano. The volcano provides spectacular views of Granada and Lake Nicaragua and the cooler forest climate is often a welcome relief from the heat and humidity at lower altitudes.


Night tour of Masaya Volcano

This evening trip allows you the chance to visit an active volcano to see glowing molten lava and incredible columns of steam rising from the craters. You will have the opportunity to witness parakeets return to nest inside the crater of the volcano – these unique parakeets have adapted so as they are able to thrive in this environment in spite of the fumes emitted from the volcano. Visiting the volcano at dusk is ideal as this is when the wildlife is most active. As the evening draws in, you will venture inside several caves equipped with hard-hats and torches where three types of bat can be found nesting.

During this trip, your guide will tell you all about the history of the area, the flora and fauna found on Masaya volcano and the geology of the site. From the top of the volcano you will experience spectacular views of the surrounding areas including Masaya town. This trip includes transportation, entrance fees into the National Park, an English-speaking guide and equipment needed to visit the bat-caves.

Visit to Masaya Market

A visit to Masaya market is like no other! This market is full of beautiful handcrafted goods ranging from hammocks and rug to hats and musical instruments. This lively and colourful market is popular with visitors looking to find something unique to take home to friends and family and is also popular with those looking to learn about and observe the traditional techniques used to weave, carve, sew and paint artisanal items in this part of Nicaragua.

Our half-day trip to Masaya Market includes transportation and an English-speaking guide who can ensure you see the best that the market has to offer.


Tours of Granada

Whilst staying in Granada you may like to take a tour of the city by horse-drawn carriage. This is a great way to see lots of the city in a short time and can help you get your bearings when you first arrive.

The tours generally last about an hour and a half – some of the carriage-drivers speak English and can tell you about the history of some of Granada’s oldest and most famous buildings.

Weekend Trips

Ometepe Island

Ometepe is a spectacular island made up of two volcanoes – Concepcion and Maderas. A visit to Ometepe Island is like no other and it is our most popular weekend trip. This two night trip includes transportation and accommodation and guides during activities.

Whilst staying on Ometepe you will have the opportunity to climb the volcanoes, horse-ride through huge cacao plantations and visit the ancient petroglyphs and stone statues left by the pre-Columbian civilisations. After exploring the island you can cool off under the incredible San Roman waterfall and swim off the beautiful beaches of Santo Domingo. You can bathe in the natural spring waters of El Ojo de Agua and visit coffee bean plantations to see how the beans are processed in the locally owned and run factories.

Ometepe truly lives up to its name as “the Oasis of Peace” and we always encourage our students to make this weekend trip during their stay in Nicaragua.

San Juan Del Sur

Surf, sea, sand, sun….this just about sums up San Juan Del Sur. Oh, and Sunday-Funday of course! This two day trip to the Pacific Coast is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to relax and enjoy some of Nicaragua’s natural beauty. Plus, the town of San Juan Del Sur comes to life on a Sunday for an all-day ‘Sunday Funday’ party! There’s no better way to unwind after a week of studying making this a very popular weekend trip.

You will have the chance to take surfing lessons, explore the beaches to the north and south of San Juan and try some of the freshest and best tasting seafood Nicaragua has to offer.

This two night weekend getaway includes transportation and accommodation and visits to a variety of beaches depending on the group’s preferences. Plus, we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable Sunday-Funday!